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22 class - 46 Hours


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Living in the digital age is a boon in disguise. From e-commerce to IA induced medical treatment, everything has made life worth living, uninterrupted. But, usage of digital devices has been generating tons of data every day. This digital data needs to be stored and managed securely so that it can be retrieved as and when required. However, all the previous initiative taken to solve this issue has proved incapable to manage data being it colossuses. Under such circumstances, a wide array of tools has been introduced, including big data. And needless to say, this has managed to issue perfectly. Most of the companies dealing with data are highly in need of professional data scientists. This has made data science one of the top-level jobs, which is future-proof. The average salary of a data scientist is way higher than that of any IT professionals. Therefore, giving it a try would be the best decision that one can make in order to achieve a better and brighter future. Make sure to choose an institute that not only gives an overview of the course but also helps keep pace with current changes through the live training program.

Data Science Training in BTM has made thousands of professional data scientists over the years. They have a team of certified data science experts who made it possible by continuously upgrading their teaching method, which is cutting-edge. Once you start with their real-time data science course, you can learn R, Python, Excel, SAS, and Tableau tool from data science certified experts.

Being one of the top Data Science Training in btm, they provide a state-of-the-art training facility that makes learning easy and fun-filled. Coming to the course fees- there are installment facilities provided to each and every aspirant who wish to be a professional data scientist.

About Courses

It is our responsibility to offer the most effective placement support to the candidates. To take this endeavor to the next level, we have collaborated with myriad companies which are not only renowned but offer best prospect to the candidates. The certificate that you would be awarded has higher recognition, globally. Therefore, you would always get advantage as you attend the interview with Datakosine certificate. Being partnered with an umpteen organizations, it has become easier for us to place the right candidate to the right company. Having been dedicated an entirely separate department for the placement of the candidates; our candidates say one step ahead as they are updated with the current opportunity on a regular basis.

A host of companies uses data science in order to better manage the data. With bag data and Hadoop, organizations are able to jump into the conclusion while it comes to developing the right kind of products for the customers. This has enhanced the customer-centric approach of the companies. Therefore, every individual gets the right kind of products and services at reasonable prices. Besides, this entire data science thing has saved the organization cost greatly. With all these benefits, every company shows an immense interest in implementing data science into their system. This has made data scientists highly sought after course.

Learning to become a data scientist has never been so easy. It takes months’ of intensive practice on live projects. But once you are through with all the modules, you are good to go. You can work on any project of the organization with minimal supervision. And this becomes one of the crucial traits that companies look for in a candidate before hiring them. But it is also important to have a certificate that showcases your skills and makes you eligible to attend the interview. It is a fact that having a certificate doesn’t add value to your profile unless you have done it from a renowned institute like Datakosine. Yes, this is the leading data science institute. The certificate that you get after completing all the practical classes on live projects has the global value. As a result, you get universal acceptance. This is the only institute that is out to shape your future and make you a hardcore data scientist.

Course Syllabus

Trainer Profile

A brief info of Trainer profile of Data Science training in btm

It is easy to train aspirants if you have the knowhow. But to help shape their career is not easy. An updated knowledge about current trend is of prime. Most of the institutes offer practical oriented training and the focus has been on projects that are not live. This might make the candidate proficient in using certain tools but when it comes to real time job scenario, they fail miserably. After years of research, academicians have come up with an innovative method of teaching. Here are students are taught on live projects. This might seem risky as the aspirants being novice prone to commit mistakes and this can cost an arm and legs for the company which provides the projects to each and every student. But, with proper supervision of the trainers at Datakosine, it becomes flawless to complete every project. And with times, aspirants become more and more efficient in each and every tool and their real life usages.

The trainers at Datakosine, the leading data science training in Marathahalli, are pretty; much involved into the company. They have been actively working as a data scientist in renowned MNCs. Therefore, they are well aware of the trends. This has designed the curricula perfectly. Once pass out from these institutes, it get easier for the aspirants to crack the interview. All the faculties are global certification holder. As a result, learning to master the data science would be super easy for anyone. With state-of-the-art training center and top-rated trainers learning data science at Datakosine can change your life for good. The transition from one module to another is pretty smooth and you would never face any obstacle to understand any concept at any point in time. The amicable trainer would always provide backup classes and doubt clarification session as and when the student needed. This is some positive side of this institute that set it apart.

Additional Info

Benefits of joining DataKosine Institute for Data Science courses in BTM

1. It helps you develop your overall personality.

From thoughtful vision to confidence, this institute tries to fill every good quality inside you.

2. It allows you to learn how to implement ideas.

This institute teaches you both practical and theoretical concepts which are needed to execute your plans and designs. The ideas, thus, turn out to be error-free while working.

3. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty teach you here.

This institute hires professionals who have teaching experience of at least ten years. These professionals guide you through ups and downs.

4. Placement in top-ranked companies is assured.

The institute promises placement to students in well-reputed companies. Former trainees of these students have got highly paid jobs in different companies.


User Rating

4.6 average based on 254 reviews.


punjan nithu

I got excellent hands-on experience during the course. The trainers explained in very simple and in-depth knowledge about the course. Data Kosine is the best data science training in Bangalore.


Reeta Nayak

They share their own experience as they are working experts, which helped a great deal in understanding the concepts. The trainers are exceptionally useful. The best data science training in Bangalore is Data kosine...


Rima Majhi

They clarify each point in the profundity. They additionally give industry information on Data science both hypothetical and practical knowledge was great. Data Kosine is best data science institute in bangalore.


Mukhtayar Chhillar

As I was a fresher right now. They showed everything from the fundamental for the comprehension. It has been an extraordinary experience in Data Kosine is great data science training institute in Bangalore.


Jaya Nagar
Kalayan Nagar
Electronic City

How Data Science Helps in Getting Jobs?

IT industry is growing rapidly with all its pace leading to the high demand for data scientists. Data science training in BTM helps you rule the world of technology. It enhances our personality in such a way that you can survive in the worst of the circumstances. The Data Kosine institute guarantees the placement of its students in top-ranked companies worldwide.

With all these beneficial details, you must not be having any doubt about data science training in BTM. Step up and choose your future career in the field of Data Science with Data Kosine’s professional training institute and feel the difference.

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